Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Florian, Douglas. 2003. AUTUMNBLINGS. New York: HarperCollins. ISBN 0060092793 [Suggested Grade Levels 1-5]

This collection of seasonal poems by Douglas Florian contains various rhymes and reasons for loving fall. “Weather” it be the chill in the air or the “fall”-ing of the leaves, there is much to love about this time of year. Or not love, as the case may be in “What I Hate About Autumn:” “Summer’s done/Not much sun/Back to school/Air’s too cool….”

The text and illustration add to wry humor of the poems by using printed plays on words. This is a book that will lose some meaning if only read aloud! Write these poems down on the chalkboard! These poems need to be seen in order to be fully appreciated for their wit. The illustrations compliment the book using rough-hewn outlines. The heavy color adds further to the feeling of fall. AUTUMNBLINGS is a great book to have and hold and read aloud to help celebrate this colorful season.

This book would be a fun way to include poetry in your everyday classroom activities. There are 48 poems that can see you through a poem a day for most of the fall.

Many of the poems included in this book are visual. The pun of the poem “Symmetree” would be lost if it were only read aloud. Posting these poems around the class would bring the poem to life in print format and allow the subtle play of words shine through.

Other seasonal books by Douglas Florian:
WINTER EYES. ISBN 0688164587

By Marianne Follis

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