Friday, January 28, 2005

I Like Myself

Beaumont, Karen. 2004. I LIKE MYSELF. Ill. David Catrow. New York: Harcourt. ISBN 0152020136 [Suggested Grade Levels K-2]


This fun, silly ode to self-esteem follows a young African American protagonist as she dances across the pages proclaiming the many qualities that she likes about herself, and simultaneously convincing the reader to feel the same. Rhyming text with lines such as “I may be called a silly nut / or crazy cuckoo bird - so what? / I’m having too much fun, you see, / for anything to bother me!” maintains silliness at the forefront and keeps the professions of positive self-esteem from becoming trite or overly sentimental.

The zaniness of the text is equaled by Caltrow’s brightly hued watercolor illustrations which jump off of the page and inspire thoughts of Dr. Seuss and Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Frequent alterations in the characters’ proportions, changes in the use of space on the page, and vividly changing background colors give the illustrations a sense of action and movement while also making each picture unique and original, just like the protagonist. It is a wild and crazy romp that is sure to resonate with readers as it entertains and amuses them.

Children can share what they like about themselves and follow that up by drawing a picture of their favorite thing about themselves. Use the illustrations on the page with the text “I like my eyes, my ears, my nose. / I like my fingers and my toes,” to serve as a model for their own drawings.

Beaumont’s text is so amusing and fresh, share some of the passages again after you’ve finished the book. Then, invite children to make up short rhyming poems about themselves - the sillier the better! They can also illustrate their work or have fun reading and performing their compositions for their friends.

Other stories about self-esteem:
Appelt, Kathi. INCREDIBLE ME! ISBN 0060286229
Carlson, Nancy. I LIKE ME! ISBN 0140508198

By Erin Miklauz

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Peter and the Starcatchers

Barry, Dave, and Ridley Pearson. 2004. PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS. New York: Hyperion. ISBN: 0786854456. [Suggested Grade Levels 4-6]

PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS is a fast-paced prequel to J.M. Barrie’s PETER PAN. Peter is one of five orphans on his way to the faraway kingdom of Rundoon on the rundown ship The Never Land where they will enter the service of a cruel king. As the leader of his gang, Peter takes his responsibilities seriously. He’s determined to find a way to save them all from an unpleasant fate. But even Peter couldn’t predict how the trip would end. Other ships in on the adventure are the British ship The Wasp and the pirate ship The Sea Devil, which is commanded by the dreaded Black Stache known for his thick black mustache that is over a foot long. While some felt that Black Stache had no heart—the reader knows differently—after all “he had a real soft spot for his ma, and was truly sorry for the time he’d marooned her” (47). The pirates are after the “greatest treasure” that ever sailed on the seas which is hidden away on the ship The Never Land. Molly, a young girl, is a Starcatcher trying to prevent the trunk of Starstuff (a magical dust that falls from the heavens with some falling stars) from falling into the wrong hands. This exciting game of hide and seek takes place on several ships and one small inhabited island full of angry natives and one hungry crocodile (Mr. Grin) who has cultivated a taste for human flesh.

Full of bad guys, good guys, and countless chase scenes, PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS never fails to entertain. Its short chapters complement the changing narration and the quick pace of the novel. The black and white illustrations by Greg Call capture the tone—particularly his rendering of the evil pirate Black Stache found on page 81. And I think children will find the pirate vessel’s sails particularly amusing—the sails are based on a woman’s brassiere (page 103). An audio book is available as well.

Many characters in the book have unique nicknames (Black Stache, Slank, Leatherface, etc). Have children invent their own “pirate” nicknames.

Other books about pirates:
Lincoln, Margarette. THE PIRATE’S HANDBOOK. ISBN 9780140559880.
Walker, Richard. THE BAREFOOT BOOK OF PIRATES. ISBN 0901223795.

By Becky Laney

Monday, January 24, 2005

Boom Chicka Rock

Archambault, John. 2004. BOOM CHICKA ROCK. Ill. by Suzanne Tanner Chitwood. New York: Philomel. ISBN 0399235876 [Suggested Grade Levels K-2]

BOOM CHICKA ROCK is a captivating picture book that introduces the various ways numbers are used in everyday life. Though the book has a bewildering premise, the rhythmic language and funky illustrations will excite an audience. The text includes tremendous elements of rhythm, rhyme and repetition, though maybe overwhelmingly so. Any awkwardness is overshadowed by a fun, musical sound. For example,

Let’s all tango, do the fandango, tip-toe, tip-toe, rickety-rock
Sock Hop back to the kitchen clock. Zing! Zang! Boomerang!

The story is centered on adventurous kitchen mice that try to escape the house cat while they “dance” their way around the kitchen at night in search of left over birthday cake.
One feature that BOOM CHICKA ROCK does not include is predictability. Readers will not expect what comes next, especially when Max the cat paws at the clock. Although this is a counting book, the story is somewhat complex, especially how the numbers are related to telling time. The collage type illustrations do not have exact lines and seem to be free form. They work very well with the eccentric story, as does the font type, which is similar to handwriting. Because the illustrations, text and language mold so well together, this book is fascinating to read and share aloud.

Readers could share their memories about staying up late or imaginative stories about what might happen at night when the rest of the house is sleeping; such as what “games” the family pets might play.
The book references several dances, such as the tango. Invite a dance instructor to teach children some of these oldies but goodies.

Other books about counting and telling time:
Harper, Dan and Barry Moser. TELLING TIME WITH BIG MAMA CAT. ISBN 0152017380

By Lisa Erickson

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Buildings in Disguise: Architecture That Looks Like Animals, Food, and Other Things

Arbogast, Joan Marie. 2004. Buildings in Disguise: Architecture that looks like animals, food, and other things. Honesdale, PA: Boyds Mills Press. ISBN 159078099X [Suggested Grade Levels 4-8]

Arbogast pays tribute to strange and exotic buildings along the American roadside in this captivating nonfiction title. Fabulous buildings in unusual shapes that are meant to grab your attention are called mimetic because they imitate other objects. Because these structures are not on main thoroughfares, chances are students will not have seen these whimsical structures. Extensive photographs with accompanying text produce a fascinating look at American architecture of a bygone era. The photographs are mostly color with some black and white. There are also charts that detail the specifications of the featured buildings. Students will gawk at these charming structures and delight in reading the behind-the-scenes narratives of how the buildings were designed and built.

The most detailed account is of Lucy, the Margate Elephant, who was designed to attract people to buy land along the Atlantic coast. Tourists may still climb the inside spiral staircase and climb out on her back.

The overall design of the building is also enchanting – with endpapers that feature a map of the United States with a dot where each of the mimetic buildings is located. The well-organized book is broken down into chapters that highlight the various kinds of buildings built, as well as a bibliography and index. There is just enough text to explore the features of the buildings and put them in historical context, with the main focus on the charming photographs. Students and adults will be poring over the attractive pictures and trying to plan road trips to see their favorites.

Invite children to design a mimetic building and reveal what its possible function might be.
Write a concrete poem in the shape of one of the mimetic buildings featured.

Other books about buildings:
Ames, Lee J. draw 50 buildings. Isbn 0385417772
Crosbie, Michael. Arches to zigzags. isbn 047114357x

By Cay Geisler

Thursday, January 20, 2005

My Father's Summers

Appelt, Kathi. 2004. MY FATHER’S SUMMERS. New York: Henry Holt. ISBN 0805073620 [Suggested Grade Levels 7-12]

MY FATHER’S SUMMERS is a recollection of the author’s childhood in the 1960s and 70s Houston. The memories are told through appealing, short verse chapters. Family photos are also included throughout the book. Kathi Appelt shares how her family dealt with her father’s job that took him out of the country, the parents’ subsequent divorce and their remarriages. For years Kathi spends much of her childhood with out her father while he is in Arabia. When he comes back to America, it is for another woman across town. Even though he was not the perfect father, Kathi is aware that he always loved her.

The memories are not in chronological order, which is enjoyable since this is the way memories are often thought of. Appelt’s writing style is concise and chapters are titled and often dated, so the reader is never confused. Appelt’s verses are modest, but powerful (e.g. “You remove the small e and have blam. The word shows up in comic books, where the super hero zooms in, sees the girl…tied down on a railroad track or a conveyor belt that’s headed toward a giant saw blade, the villain hovering over her with a haughty sneer, and blam, right in the poker. Saved again. It’s different from blame”). Though Appelt’s story takes place over 30 years ago, her feelings are relevant and easy to relate to. For example a one-sentence chapter is titled There It Was, it states: “I loved the boy with brown hair.” The verses are consistently not romanticized, yet stay positive, “He’s looking at me looking out, looking toward the camera. His face is shining, his smile is sweet. It’s clear he’s happy to be holding me.” Readers will appreciate how Appelt ends with a mature and self-assured outlook towards her father.

Ask readers to bring in a photograph from their childhoods or take pictures. Allow children to write a poem about a memory from their childhood. Display the photos and poems.

Other books about family life:
Thomas, Rob. RATS SAW GOD. ISBN 0689802072
Johnson, Angela. THE FIRST PART LAST. ISBN 0689849222

By Lisa Erickson

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Bubba and Beau Meet the Relatives

Appelt, Kathi. 2004. BUBBA AND BEAU MEET THE RELATIVES. Ill. By Arthur Howard. New York: Harcourt. ISBN 0152166300 [Suggested Grade Levels PreK-1]

In Bubba and Beau’s third adventure, the baby and the dog (respectively) are on the sidelines for the cleaning, cooking and preparation as the relatives spring a visit on Big Bubba and Mama Pearl. Appelt’s writing deftly deals out Southern-isms with homespun flare (“Sister, that mud hole was better than pickled eggs”) and Arthur Howard’s ink and watercolor illustrations reflect the unpretentious warmth of a rural family gathering. Of course, the babies and dogs (including Cousin Arlene and her dog Bitsy) find their greatest joy in a nearby mud hole, but the family takes it in stride in true laid-back country fashion. Fairly unique here are also the book’s chapter divisions. Though a rare addition for what is essentially a picture book, they give the story a slightly more episodic sense of pacing than is usually found in this format. Howard’s matter-of fact art style lends an approachable feel to the book that reinforces its farm-raised roots. This book is written with a front porch sensibility and a casual ease that makes the characters and their environment comfortably accessible. From pickup trucks and cowboy hats to bouffant hair and boot-kickin’ Bodacious Banana Buttermilk Pie, BUBBA AND BEAU MEET THE RELATIVES is a friendly slice of country life that is sure to please.

This is a great book to use in preparation for relatives coming over as a simple read a loud and to show how much fun relatives can be. A child could be lead to talk about their relatives or to write them a letter and send pictures.

The mud factor can also come into play. Mud can be made with playdough and food coloring, and a mud family can be easily shaped by children’s fingers. Or real mud in the activity of planting can be discussed. Play in a sand box would also be fun after reading this book.

Other books by Kathi Appelt that could be compared to this one:

By Melissa Neece

Monday, January 10, 2005

Librarians' Choices 2004

Librarians’ Choices 2004
Master List

1. Appelt, Kathi. 2004. BUBBA AND BEAU MEET THE RELATIVES. Ill. By Arthur Howard. New York: Harcourt. ISBN 0152166300 [Suggested Grade Levels PreK-1]

2. Appelt, Kathi. 2004. MY FATHER’S SUMMERS. New York: Henry Holt. ISBN 0805073620 [Suggested Grade Levels 7-12]

3. Arbogast, Joan Marie. 2004. BUILDINGS IN DISGUISE: ARCHITECTURE THAT LOOKS LIKE ANIMALS, FOOD, AND OTHER THINGS. Honesdale, PA: Boyds Mills Press. ISBN 159078099X [Suggested Grade Levels 4-8]

4. Archambault, John. 2004. BOOM CHICKA ROCK. Ill. by Suzanne Tanner Chitwood. New York: Philomel. ISBN 0399235876 [Suggested Grade Levels K-2]

5. Barry, Dave, and Ridley Pearson. 2004. PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS. New York: Hyperion. ISBN 0786854456 [Suggested Grade Levels 4-6]

6. Beaumont, Karen. 2004. I LIKE MYSELF. Ill. David Catrow. New York: Harcourt. ISBN 0152020136 [Suggested Grade Levels K-2]

7. Bolden, Tonya. 2004. WAKE UP OUR SOULS: A CELEBRATION OF BLACK AMERICAN ARTISTS. New York: Harry N. Abrams. ISBN 0810945274 [Suggested Grade Levels 6 and above]

8. Borden, Louise. 2004. THE GREATEST SKATING RACE. New York: Margaret K. McElderry Books. ISBN 0689845022 [Suggested Grade Levels 3-6]

9. Bredsdorff, Bodil. 2004. THE CROW GIRL. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. ISBN 0374312478. [Suggested Grade Levels 4-7]

10. Brisson, Pat. 2004. MAMA LOVES ME FROM AWAY. Ill. By Laurie Caple. Honesdale, PA: Boyds Mills Press. ISBN 1563979667 [Suggested Grade Levels Pre-K -3]

11. Browne, Anthony. 2004. INTO THE FOREST. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Press. ISBN 0763625446 [Suggested Grade Levels 3 and up]

12. Bruchac, Joseph. 2004. JIM THORPE’S BRIGHT PATH. Ill. by S.D. Nelson. New York: Lee & Low Books. ISBN 158430166X [Suggested Grade Levels 2-5]

13. Bryant, Jen. 2004. THE TRIAL. New York: Knopf. ISBN 0375827528 [Suggested Grade Level 7-10]

14. Buzzeo, Toni. 2004. LITTLE LOON AND PAPA. Ill. by Margaret Spengler. New York: Dial Books. ISBN 0803729588 [Suggested Grade Levels K-3]

15. Carle, Eric. 2004. MISTER SEAHORSE. New York: Philomel. ISBN 0399242694 [Suggested Grade Levels Pre-K -1]

16. Child, Lauren. 2004. I AM TOO ABSOLUTELY SMALL FOR SCHOOL. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Press. ISBN 0763624039 [Suggested Grade Levels Pre-K-1]

17. Cook, Sally. 2004. GOOD NIGHT PILLOW FIGHT. Illus. by Laura Cornell. New York: HarperCollins. ISBN 0062051903 [Suggested Grade Levels Pre-K-1]

18. Cowley, Joy. 2004. HUNTER. New York: Philomel. ISBN 0399242279 [Suggested Grade Levels 5-7]

19. Crews, Nina. 2004. NEIGHBORHOOD MOTHER GOOSE. New York: HarperCollins. ISBN 0060515732 [Suggested Grade Levels PreK-2]

20. Cronin, Doreen. 2004. DUCK FOR PRESIDENT. Ill. by Betsy Lewin. New York: Simon & Schuster. ISBN 0689863772 [Suggested Grade Levels K-3]

21. Curtis, Christopher Paul. 2004. BUCKING THE SARGE. New York: Random House. ISBN 0385901593 [Suggested Grade Levels 7 and up]

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23. Dessen, Sarah. 2004. THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER. New York: Viking. ISBN 0670036390. [Suggested Grade Levels 9-12]

24. Downey, Lynn. 2004. MOST LOVED MONSTER. Ill. by Jack E. Davis. New York: Dial Books. ISBN 0803727283 [Suggested Grade Levels K-3]

25. Dunbar, Polly. 2004. DOG BLUE. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Press. ISBN 0763624764. [Suggested Grade Levels Pre-K-1]

26. Dunrea, Oliver. 2004. PEEDIE. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. ISBN 0618356525 [Suggested Grade Levels PreK-1]

27. DuQuette, Keith. 2004. COCK-A-DOODLE-MOOOO! New York: Putnam. ISBN 0399238891 [Suggested Grade Levels K-4]

28. Durbin, William. 2004. THE DARKEST EVENING. New York: Orchard Books. ISBN 0439373077. [Suggested Grade Levels 6-8]

29. Ehlert, Lois. 2004. PIE IN THE SKY. New York: Harcourt. ISBN 0152165843. [Suggested Grade Levels Pre K - 1]

30. Farmer, Nancy. 2004. THE SEA OF TROLLS. New York: Atheneum. ISBN 0689867441 [Suggested Grade Levels 6 and up]

31. Fearnley, Jan. 2004. WATCH OUT! Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Press. ISBN 0763623180 [Suggested Grade Levels Pre-K - 3]

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