Saturday, July 17, 2004


Simon, Seymour. 2003. HURRICANES. New York: HarperCollins. ISBN 0688162924 [Suggested Grade Levels: all]


Seymour Simon brings to reality the power of a hurricane in his unique style. In Hurricanes, Simon expresses the power of the devastating winds exemplified in the notable storms, such as Andrew, Camille, and Floyd. Satellite photos in brilliant color aid in the explanation of the progress of the technology used to predict hurricanes. He also provides accurate accounts of the history of some of the worst storms in US history and the damaging effects of these storms. In the conclusion of the book the author provides wonderful information about what people should do in preparation for one of these monstrous storms.

Dramatic photographs of the deadly storms during the devastation, as well as of the wreckage left behind, drive home the points made by Seymour Simon and really work to catch the eye of any audience in this brilliant picture book. In this book, Simon well acquaints his young readers to the amazing phenomena of the hurricane. He also presents the type of practical information that audiences of all ages can enjoy. With such a thorough and interesting presentation Simon practically dares anyone to not learn something from a reading of the wonderfully orchestrated pages of this book.

Used in conjunction with other related books by Simon, Hurricanes opens a wonderful discussion about storms and the science behind the power encased therein.

Questions sparked through a reading of this text would prove to be a great foundation for further research about any of the plethora of topics ranging from development in weather forecasting to creation of satellite photographs or even the history of weather phenomena.

Students can look up some old newspaper reports on the internet to examine more closely some of the effects of the storms mentioned in this book and share them with their classmates. They could compare the information stated in the book with what they find in the reports.

Students could also be encouraged to create their own satellite photographs along with other pictures that come to mind following the conclusion of this book.

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By Kristi Mays

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