Sunday, January 22, 2006

I Love

Minne, Natali Fortier. 2005. I LOVE. New York: Kane/Miller. ISBN 1929132751 [Suggested Grade Levels K-4]

Such a sweet book celebrates the simple things of childhood and the silly things that children love without poking fun at them. It is an international book meant for younger children, but it speaks to children of all ages everywhere.

The cover of the book itself evokes happy memories-- of a child trying on shoe much too large for her. Most children have tried on Mom or Dad’s shoes and traipsed around the house. It makes a child feel special, as he or she pretends to be like Mom or Dad.

The illustrations are child-like, but not cartoonish. Everyone can remember playing in the rain, picking at a scab, or just being with family and the crazy things that can happen. This book honors being a kid and “sticking a finger in dad’s shaving cream, just for laughs.” This is a book for every child or child at heart.

Children can make a list of all of the silly and wonderful things that they love. They can illustrate their lists, and then discuss why they love these things. The lists can then be displayed and shared with others.

Book about childhood and appreciating simple things:
Bridges, Margaret Park. I LOVE THE RAIN. ISBN 1587172089
Warnock, Natalie Kinsey. A CHRISTMAS LIKE HELEN’S. ISBN 06182313740

By Paige A. Poe

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