Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Into the Volcano

Wood, Don. 2008. INTO THE VOLCANO. New York: Scholastic. ISBN 978043972719 [Suggested Grade Levels 5-8]

This “erupting” story is as fast moving as lava and as hot as magma. The father of brothers Duffy and Sumo Pugg sends them to the island because he cannot take care of them while their mother is away as he must go on a business trip. Duffy loves the adventure and the island life while Sumo does not and complains all the time. Suddenly, the kids must go with their cousin to save the family. This journey leads them all into danger and into an active volcano where they find their mother. The author uses characterization to help the reader feel compassion for the children and fantastic art to make us feel the heat of the protagonists’ surroundings.

Along with the art that drives the story, young readers can use standard or metric measuring systems to arrange the story on a cartoon strip. They may also enjoy further research into geology and earth’s forever changing plate tectonics.

Other fiction books about geology:
Price Stern Sloan. WHAT HIDES BENEATH THE EARTH. ISBN 9780843132298
Verne, Jules. JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH. ISBN 9781402743375

Non-fiction books about volcanoes:
Gazlay, Suzy, Robert B. Trombley and, Kirk A. Janowiak. BE A VOLCANOLOGIST. ISBN 9780836889307
Lewis, G. Brad and Paul-Edouard Bernard De Lajartre. THE VOLCANOES: FACE TO FACE WITH THE MOUNTAINS OF FIRE. ISBN 9780500543405

By Kathlene A. Goldin

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