Monday, March 15, 2010

The Plot Chickens

Auch, Mary Jane. 2009. THE PLOT CHICKENS. Ill. by Herm Auch. New York: Holiday House. ISBN 9780823420872 [Suggested Grade Levels K- 3]


Children of all ages will enjoy the tongue-in-cheek humor of THE PLOT CHICKENS. Auch introduces readers to Henrietta, a chicken that loves to read. Her love of reading turns to a desire to write, because “reading books is so much fun, writing books must be eggshilarating.” Following the basic rules for writing a story, Henrietta begins her journey as a writer with the help of her aunts. Brainstorming sessions with the aunts create busy pages which show the reader that there is a lot involved in the writing process. Readers not only follow Henrietta through the writing process, but catch a glimpse of the publishing process. Even after all of her hard work, the publisher rejects her because she is a chicken and he doesn’t like her story. Henrietta doesn’t let the unkind words from the publisher get her down. She decides to self publish her book, but receives terrible reviews from “The Corn Book.” In the end, none of this matters. The children of the library story hour choose her book as the best of the year! Children will enjoy the colorful illustrations and the “corny” humor.

Illustrations are executed with a combination of oil paints and digital technology.


Create and publish classroom books. Share the books with younger children.

Invite an author to your local school or library to give a presentation on the writing process.

Join a writing group at your local library.


Other picture books for children on the topic of writing:

Kirk, Daniel. LIBRARY MOUSE. ISBN 9780810993464

Spinelli, Eileen. THE BEST STORY. ISBN 9780803730557

Wong, Janet. YOU HAVE TO WRITE. ISBN 9780689834097

By Jane Jergensen

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