Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Cat Copies Me

Kwon, Yoon-duck. 2007. MY CAT COPIES ME. Ill. by Yoon-duck Kwon. La Jolla, CA: Kane/Miller. ISBN 9781933605265 [Suggested Grade Levels Pre-K - 2 ]

Powerful is the bond between a child and their pet. This timid girl spends most of her time ‘leading’ the adorable cat to do typical ‘cat like’ behaviors, such as burrowing under paper, watching insects, crouching behind doors and hiding under the blanket. A transformation takes place when she decides to copy the cat instead.

The change is dramatized in the subtle Korean style illustrations of the cat's eyes, going from dark outline to bright and the girl’s own eyes turning to cat's eyes. She continues to ‘follow’ with a new sense of bravery and curiosity not unlike a cat’s. She goes from fearful and shy to outgoing and courageous. The cat continues to be by her side as they go out to the world and make new friends.

This book, published originally in Korea, brings us insight into another part of the world through the simplicity of the text and the colorful and detailed illustrations. Kane/Miller publishers specializes in multicultural literacy, and meets their mission here of “…opening young minds to the world.”

Challenge students to a “different perspective” activity. Take on the role of another creature and go for a stroll. What would your actions be?

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By Susie Demarest

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