Thursday, January 24, 2008


Siy, Alexandra. 2007. SNEEZE. Ill. by Dennis Kunkel. Watertown, MA: Charlesbridge. ISBN 9781570916533 [Suggested Grade Levels 2-5]

Ah – Ah - Achoo! From the first tickle of the nose to the mighty explosion of the sneeze, Siy describes in excruciating detail what happens all along the way. The labeled microphotography keeps the reader engaged with the complexity of the subject. Siy alternates between simple almost lyrical text to capture a younger audience, to explicit scientific explanations of each action taken by the body during a sneeze. The first part describes and illustrates nine possible scenarios of coming in contact with irritants – either physical or allergen and the corresponding micrograph with a fact about the specific irritant. The second half starts by defining a sneeze.

Starting with the neuron, defining its parts and how it’s connected to the central nervous system, continuing the path of the signals back and forth through the spinal cord, Siy takes us on the journey of the sneeze. This book made it onto ‘The World’s Grossest Booklist’, and a wide range of ages will be intrigued by the treatment of this topic with the contrasting black background setting off both text and pictures.

Make a ‘Did You Know’ Poster about sneezing.

Explore microphotography in art. The Web site has an image library in thirteen different science categories including bacteria, insects, and protozoa.

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By Susie Demarest

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