Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bee & Bird

Frazier, Craig. 2011. BEE & BIRD. New York: Roaring Book Press. ISBN 9781596436602 [Suggested Grade Levels PreK-2]

With simple yet bold and colorful illustrations, Craig Frazier follows bird and bee on a journey from one animal’s home to the other’s. Throughout this wordless picture book, children will be delighted and surprised by the setting of the illustrations which are each revealed with the turn of a page.

Though ideal for very young children in one-on-one and small group readings, this book can also be used to inspire older children to tell their own surprise tales through images.

For young readers, consider taking a journey in or around a familiar setting. As you progress point out “surprises” along the way. For example, you might draw children’s eyes to notice a nest hidden within a tree.

Equip older readers with digital cameras and allow them to create their own hidden surprises by zooming in on certain features of photos they take. Compile the students’ creations into a digital class book in which the turn of the page reveals the full image of the zoomed-in picture of the previous page.

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By Maria Cahill

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