Sunday, February 26, 2012

Say Hello To Zorro!

Goodrich, Carter. 2011. SAY HELLO TO ZORRO! New York: Simon & Schuster. ISBN 9781416938934 [Suggested Grade Levels PreK-2]

Mister Bud leads a perfect dog’s life. He has his own things and his own schedule which includes “nap time,” “shift-position-and-nap-some-more time” and “greet and make a fuss time.” Everyone sticks to the schedule and things go just as they should until …. Zorro. When this bossy little pug moves in, Mister Bud’s schedule is completely disrupted. Eventually, the two find common ground and develop a pleasing new friendship.

Carter Goodrich combines delightful watercolor illustrations and tight, clever text to tell this amusing tale of cantankerous canines. The softly colored views of the dogs in their settings accented by the surrounding white space, sparse text, and glimpses of the owner’s arms and legs aptly show a pet’s point-of-view. The exaggerated features of the hilarious dogs take center stage while the owner’s attempts at direction and control are shown in the wings. Goodrich perfectly captures the endearing attributes and charm of dogs while also depicting the larger theme of the difficulty of adjusting to unwelcome change.

This book can be used to focus on schedules, time, and chronological order. Children can list and illustrate their own preferred schedule or order a provided list of typical daily activities. The book can also be used to prompt a discussion about pets and their unique personalities. Or, it can lead listeners to consider and discuss changes in their lives, such as the addition of a new sibling to the family, and ways to positively handle these disruptions.

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By Jill Bellomy

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