Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Green Witch

Hoffman, Alice. 2010. GREEN WITCH. New York: Scholastic. ISBN 9780545141956 [Suggested Grade Levels 7-12]

In a post-disaster world, Green must come to terms with the loss of family, love, and life as she once knew it. During this time, Green tends to her gardens that show remarkable growth and earn her the title of “witch” from her neighbors. It is this title that links her to others who have shown an unusual talent or propensity for a supernatural gift. It is these others that she seeks out, recording their thoughts about life, love, and possible future. What she hears ultimately leads her towards rescuing those imprisoned by the Horde, a group who rally against any movement towards improving life and reclaiming lost technologies. Among the prisoners is a young man whom she wants to love, who has only a half of a heart because she holds the other half. It is during this journey and ultimate rescue that Green grows in internal strength and ability to love, finding her way towards a new future.

Green has evolved from “looking at the outside of things” to looking at and experiencing the true-ever-changing heart. While this novel is a sequel to Green Angel, it stands alone on its own merit. Hoffman’s introspective character development drives this novel towards a fulfilling conclusion of hope and discovery.

This book is an excellent addition to a study of apocalyptic novels and discussions of the psychological effects upon the masses when confronted with the loss of modern world technologies. It also provides an excellent forum for discussions of the power of historical record keeping.

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By Christine J. Rayl

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