Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Shocking Truth About Energy

Leedy, Loren. THE SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT ENERGY. New York: Holiday House. ISBN 9780823422203 [Suggested Grade Levels 2-5]

Vividly labeled illustrations bring to life the many forms of energy and how people use them in this deceptively simple picture book. Leedy presents both familiar and less familiar energy forms, their distinctions and characteristics, and the good and bad news about their use. Clear, simple language narrated by Erg, the pure energy lightning bolt cartoon character, guides the short text sections set off in bright colors. Cartoon bubbles add additional facts relating to each energy form. Topics like global warming and conservation relate to today’s current issues.

The bright cartoon characters and small sections of information make the book highly readable while providing specific facts about the energy forms. With short, succinct sentences, Leedy’s text and art informs readers about a topical subject at the very heart of science. The challenging subject of energy is offered in an entertaining way by means of a strong introduction to the positive and negative aspects of energy, how each works, and how it affects the Earth and people on it.

Have students identify the appliances in their lives that require energy. Create a graphic chart or poster showing ways to cut down on individual energy use.

Other books for children about energy and saving energy:
DiOrio, Rana. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE GREEN? ISBN 9780984080618
Woodford, Chris. ENERGY. ISBN 9781405318730

By Shirley S. Duke

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