Monday, March 15, 2010

Almost Perfect

Katcher, Brian. 2009. ALMOST PERFECT. New York: Delacorte Press. ISBN 9780385736640 [Suggested Grade Levels 9- 12]


In an intimate story of love and friendship, Logan Witherspoon learns what is important and who he is after falling for a girl who turns out to be male. Living as a female, Sage Hendricks stirs emotions in Logan that make him question his identity and sexual orientation. Logan learns friendship does not come easily and that people can make mistakes without jeopardizing who they truly are.

The transgender issue is presented in a compassionate, moral sense and the characters express genuine human emotions as they move along the inevitable confrontation of who each one is, and what he desires. The conflicts they experience in their friendship echo any friendship and relationship in high school. This book allows readers to view the complex emotions transgendered living evokes from both points of view. This subject challenges the reader to examine her/his own feelings about the subject in an honest manner and presents gender identity questions from a teenage perspective. The depiction of the prejudice and pain of living as the opposite gender may reassure readers that their feelings of being different are normal and they are not alone.


This book encourages an honest look at a subject many find difficult to accept. Anyone interested in exploring their identity and how they fit in the world, whatever the reason, could gain insight from reading and discussing this book.


Other books for children about coping with sexual identity or gender changes:

Peters, Julie Anne. LUNA. ISBN 9780316733694

Prodan, Lena. THE SUICIDE YEAR. ISBN 9781603705578

Wittlinger, Ellen. PARROTFISH. ISBN 9781416916222

By Shirley Duke

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