Monday, March 15, 2010

The Dragon of Trelian

Knudsen, Michelle. 2009. THE DRAGON OF TRELIAN. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick. ISBN 9780763634551 [Suggested Grade Levels 3- 8]


This fantasy novel includes all the makings of a good read: magic, a princess, and, of course, a dragon. The author uses the technique of switching points of view between the two main characters, Calen, a magician’s apprentice, and Meg, a princess who has a special link to Jakl, a dragon. Having both a male and female viewpoints helps to keep both boys and girls involved. There is plenty of romance, friendship, mystery, intrigue, deception, and secrets to keep readers interested and happy.

This story is well-written and keeps the reader’s attention until the very end. Michelle Knudsen states that she is working on a sequel, so there should be another book to keep everyone interested in the story of Meg and Calen, and of course, Jakl.


This delightful fantasy has several themes: an apprentice studying to be a mage, Meg growing older and the implications thereof, her sister marrying and moving away, and Meg having feelings of love for the first time. Comparisons can be made between Jakl and other dragons in fairy tales, as well as between Meg and other princesses.


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By Kaye E. Bray

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