Monday, March 15, 2010

Bones of Faerie

Simner, Janni Lee. 2009. BONES OF FAERIE. New York: Random House. ISBN 9780375845635 [Suggested Grade Levels 7- 10]

Liza is living in an unusual time. There has been a war between humanity and Faerie and both sides are suffering. On earth, trees and plants have extraordinary powers and are dangerous to humans. Nature itself is often the enemy. Many humans born with Faerie powers are mistrusted and misunderstood, and therefore often killed, just as Liza’s baby sister had been. And Liza realizes that she is developing Faerie powers and that her father will kill her once he finds out. His harsh view is that the killing is justified in order to protect everyone else. Liza strikes out on her own to escape her father and becomes a catalyst for bringing both worlds together and starting the healing process.

Even though it may be hard to understand the meaning and symbolism of everything, the story is still spell-binding. This story of an apocalyptic tragedy and magic infiltrating our world is a dark, fairy-tale type novel that will keep the reader wanting more and involved until the end. And more is to come, as a planned sequel has been announced.

This book can promote discussions of the effects of war, showing that there are always two sides to everything. War affects everyone and the repercussions are felt by all. A great tie-in to political discussions.

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By Kaye E. Bray

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