Monday, March 15, 2010

Football Champ

Green, Tim. 2009. FOOTBALL CHAMP. New York: HarperCollins. ISBN 9780061626890 [Suggested Grade Levels 5- 8]


Green’s sequel to the New York Times bestseller FOOTBALL GENIUS features a memorable hero named Troy White who, with his remarkable gift of predicting football plays and patterns, is helping the Atlanta Falcons get to the playoffs. A jealous reporter finds out about Troy’s “gift” and exposes him to seek revenge and to destroy the reputation of Falcon’s aging quarterback, Seth Holloway. Troy’s friends, Tate and Nathan, help to clear Seth’s name from accusations of steroid use and prove to the NFL, and its fans, that Troy’s gift is real and that the Falcons are not cheaters.

Because of Green’s NFL background, this action-packed book provides a unique perspective on the world of football. The book maintains a perfect balance of plot and game time to make a believable tale that shows the danger of fame and the victories of a game well played. Readers will feel as if they are right on the sidelines as Green describes the on-the-field plays. Struggling readers and avid sports fans will enjoy FOOTBALL CHAMP because of the short and suspenseful chapters that lead to an amazing ending.


Visit author Tim Green’s website at and read his biography. Readers will be able to read about his years playing in the NFL. The website includes information about previous books Green has written and provides a brief synopsis of his upcoming books. Readers can e-mail a message or question to Green and librarians can receive information on his author visits.


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