Monday, March 15, 2010

My Little Polar Bear

Reuda, Claudia. 2009. MY LITTLE POLAR BEAR. New York: Scholastic. ISBN 9780545146005 [Suggested Grade Levels PreK- 1]

In MY LITTLE POLAR BEAR, we follow the journey and conversation of a mother and baby polar bear. Basic information can be found nestled into the straightforward and gentle text. The baby bear asks “Am I a polar bear?... How do you know?” The mother bear’s responses provide simple answers like “You were born in the Arctic…You are a good swimmer.” This title also works as a sweet tale of parental love. When the baby polar bear worries that he can’t do all the things a big polar bear can do, the mother polar bears reassures: “Don’t worry little one, I will stay with you, and I will teach you what polar bears need to know.” There is one lesson the baby bear has already learned: that he is loved.

The iridescent glitter of the cover call to mind the reflective glisten of snow and frost; while the cool color palette of the book works to reinforce the setting of this chilly tale. Minimalistic art effectively conjures up the polar bears and their lonely landscape from bare lines. Additional details like cool colored text aids in reading, since the baby polar bear’s questions are always white text on blue pages, while the mother’s responses are cool blue.

Imitate the book’s illustrations using a bear shaped stencil, some blue paint and glitter. After painting over the stencil and applying some glitter, remove the stencil to reveal a little polar bear offset by brilliant dazzling color.

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By Marianne Follis

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