Monday, March 15, 2010


Stein, David Ezra. 2009. POUCH. New York: Penguin. ISBN 9780399250514 [Suggested Grade Levels PreK- 1]

In POUCH we meet a young Joey who is ready to discover his new world. Well…almost ready. “Mama, said Joey, I want to hop!” And hop he does. With an exuberant smile on his face and a bounce in his hop, Joey takes off to explore. As he hops, he encounters new creatures. Upon seeing a bee for the first time, Joey asks, “Who are you?” At the answer, “Bee,” Joey yells, “POUCH” and jumps back to his mama and the safety of the pouch. With each new and potentially frightening discovery, he yells “POUCH!” and retreats to the security of his mother. It’s not until he meets a new friend that is just as frightened as he, that he feels brave enough to continue his explorations.

Simple text with the recurring refrain “POUCH!” will draw young listeners into participation as they laugh at the silliness of some of the young Joey’s fears. Layered na├»ve watercolors done in rich warm hues will welcome readers into the warmth of these pages. Simple thick lines are used to depict the emotions of the young kangaroo’s face as he experiences joy, curiosity, fear, laughter and finally pride.

A POUCH is one way that mother’s carry their young. Explore and discuss what makes marsupials different from other mammals. How do they compare to other modes of baby transportation in the animals world?

More about marsupials and other animal babies:
Ashman, Linda. BABIES ON THE GO. ISBN 9780152018948
Bishop, Nic. MARSUPIALS. ISBN 9780439877589
French, Jackie. DIARY OF A WOMBAT. ISBN 9780618381364

By Marianne Follis

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