Sunday, February 10, 2013

Boy and Bot

Dyckman, Ame. 2012. BOY + BOT. Ill. by Dan Yaccarino. New York: Random House. ISBN 9780375867569 [Suggested Grade Levels pK- 2]

A young boy and a robot chance upon each other and fast become friends. As the two rollick, Bot’s power switch is inadvertently hit shutting him down completely. Boy attempts to nurture his new playmate back to health with fail-proof remedies: a wholesome meal, a good, story, and rest. Nevertheless, Boy goes to bed not having revived his friend. When Bot’s power switch is accidently put back into the “on” position in the middle of the night, Bot revives only to find that Boy is no longer active. Now Bot must try his fail-proof methods for proper functioning: oil and an instruction manual read aloud. Just as Bot is about to conduct a battery change, his inventor enters, and Boy awakens. The two pals rejoice in their good health and make plans for new adventures. This satisfying story with bold illustrations will bring pleasure to boys and robots alike.

This book provides a perfect entre for a Making Words lessons ala Pat Cunningham. Provide each child with the following letters printed on individual pieces of paper: a, o, b, h, s, t, and t. Together, identify the letters. Read the following script. “Use three letters to make the word boy, change one letter to make bot, now change another letter to make hot.” Continue on in this manner making the words: hat, hay, bay, say, soy, and toy. Next, encourage children to use all letters to make the secret compound word, “bath toys.”

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By Maria Cahill

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