Saturday, February 9, 2013

Good News Bad News

Mack, Jeff. 2012. GOOD NEWS BAD NEWS. San Francisco: Chronicle Books. ISBN 9781452101101 [Suggested Grade Level PreK – 2]

Ever cheerful Rabbit and his gloomy friend Mouse experience a volley of emotions as they try to plan a fun picnic. Rabbit exclaims “Good news!” showing his friend a picnic basket. Feeling the first drops of rain, Mouse states, “Bad news.” And so the story goes. For every upbeat comment Rabbit makes, Mouse replies by pointing out an issue.

The illustrations express this exchange with one side of the double page spread pointing out the good, mirroring the opposing bad, until the situation goes from bad to worse. Boldly outlined main characters maintain the focus, while the brightly colored backdrop highlights the changing weather, whether it be sun rays of drops of rain. 

The text of this fast and furious tale is comprised of a grand total of three words, making this a fun choice for large groups and early readers.

Act out the story in readers’ theater. Divide the group of children into the Good News and Bad News teams. As the story is read, elicit responses from the groups, either by cheering for the good news or by making appropriate sounds of disappointment for the bad. Be sure to point out the use of punctuation and include these in the team’s expressions.

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By Marianne Crandall Follis

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