Friday, February 8, 2013

The Girls of No Return

Saldin, Erin. 2012. THE GIRLS OF NO RETURN. New York: Arthur A. Levine. 9780545310260 [Suggested Grade Levels 9 – 12] 

Lida is sent to Alice Marshall School in the Idaho wilderness to work through her “Thing.” As if life isn’t difficult enough for this troubled teenager, she is now surrounded by other troubled teenagers with their “Things.” Lida becomes entangled in a manipulation game between two new friends: Boone, tough and brooding, who seems to have made a permanent home at Alice Marshall, and Gia, beautiful and popular, who seems too glamorous for Alice Marshall. As Lida becomes more familiar with her peers and the surrounding wilderness, she also becomes more aware of herself. When faced with a difficult decision during a self-discovery retreat, she learns that desire can be stronger than integrity.

Saldin’s first novel presents all readers, not just troubled teens, a compelling and engaging read in destructive friendships, self-discovery, healing, growth, and doing what is wrong even when you know what is right.

This novel is best suited for individual readers struggling with troubled friendships, cutting, self-esteem issues, and depression.  The topics presented in this novel offer opportunities for discussions about healthy and unhealthy ways to address difficult situations.

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By Jennifer E. M. Richey

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