Friday, February 8, 2013


Seeger, Laura Vaccaro. 2012. GREEN. New York: Roaring Brook Press. ISBN 9781596433977 [Suggested Grade Levels pK- 6]

Laura Vaccaro Seeger gives new meaning to the term, “going green”. Employing the dye-cut method that she has perfected in previous works, Seeger explores the color green and all of its wondrous and various shades from lime green to pea green to camouflage. In true Seeger style, this book will appeal to a wide range of interest groups: her word choice and sparse text make this work accessible to beginning readers while the presentation of the subject ensures that both experienced readers and serious artists will take away new insights. 

This title begs for readers’ replication using other colors and their shades. Working collaboratively in small groups, encourage children to select different colors and brainstorm the manifestations and shades of those colors in nature and beyond. Using heavy-weight paper and scissors, children can fashion illustrations similar in style to those of Seeger. The children’s creations can be compiled into a single book or multiple books.

Other books for children about color:
Jenkins, Steve. LIVING COLOR. ISBN 9780618708970.
Jonas, Ann. COLOR DANCE. ISBN 9780688059903.
Seeger, Larua Vaccaro. LEMONS ARE NOT RED. ISBN 9781596430082.
Walsh, Ellen Stoll. MOUSE PAINT. ISBN 9780152560256.

By Maria Cahill

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