Friday, February 8, 2013


Sutton, Sally. 2012. DEMOLITION. Ill. by Brian Lovelock. Somerville, MA: Candlewick. ISBN 9780763658304 [Suggested Grade Levels pK- 2]

Sutton and Lovelock, collaborators of Roadwork, team up once again to amuse construction-minded youngsters with a topic even more fascinating than building: destruction! Demolition introduces the equipment, sounds, and actions necessary for the removal of an old parking garage. With lively language, bold font, and colorful illustrations that are well matched to the exciting topic, the rhythmic text can be perfectly harmonized to the tune, “Row, row, row your boat” for storytime delivery. Readers particularly interested in learning more about demolition will appreciate the concluding Machine Facts page.

Throughout Demolition, readers see how building materials can be repurposed and recycled. Provide children with a variety of objects and together or in small groups brainstorm new uses for old materials. Encourage each child to select one material and illustrate the original and re-imagined uses for the object. Compile all pages to create a single book.

Other books for children about construction:
Gray, Rita. EASY STREET. ISBN 9780525476573
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Sutton, Sally. ROADWORK. ISBN 9780763639129

By Maria Cahill

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