Monday, February 11, 2013

Rabbit & Robot

Bell, Cece. 2012. RABBIT & ROBOT: THE SLEEPOVER. Somerville, MA: Candlewick Press. ISBN 9780763654757 [Suggested Grade Levels K - 2]

Odd couple friendships are prolific in children’s literature.  They serve a couple of functions.  First, young kids are learning how to handle the treacherous world of friendships, and these odd couples can provide the maps to help navigate differences.  Second, these books celebrate a world full of differences and therefore encourage their readers to as well. 

Rabbit and Robot are by definition an odd couple.  Rabbit likes carrots on his pizza, but Robot wants nuts and bolts.  Rabbit seeks order, plans, and schedules.  Before Robot arrives, Rabbit has planned out the evening with a list of 4 things to do (which corresponds to the 4 chapters in this early reader book).  He gets a little upset when things do not go as planned, but Robot is there for his friend with statements such as, “I have some data that will interest you.” 

Readers will find humor and charm in the story and illustrations.  For instance, throughout “Chapter 2: Watch TV” a TV remote sticks out of Rabbit’s ear (as he runs around the house looking for said remote). 

Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of the new odd couple.

“I have reviewed today’s data and the result is: Today was a good day.”

Rabbit and Robot offers the opportunity to explore similarities and differences with students as they discuss character.  Educators may also ask kids to brainstorm other great odd couple friendship combinations.  Creativity will flow.

Other odd couple friendships:
Dicamillo, Kate. BINK AND GOLLIE.
Lobel, Arnold. FROG AND TOAD.
Barrows, Annie. IVY AND BEAN.

By Emily Fultz

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