Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dog in Charge

Going, K.L. 2012. DOG IN CHARGE. Ill. by Dan Santat. New York: Penguin. ISBN 9780803734791 [Suggested Grade Levels PK – 3]

When the people leave for the day, dog is left in charge of five not so innocent cats. The cats are definitely curious creatures and every time dog tries to stop them from getting into mischief it makes things worse. One messy incident after another tires poor dog out and so he stops to think.  Instead of thinking, he falls asleep. The cats realize what they have done and because they love dog so much, they clean up the house then curl up to take a nap with dog.

Santat is spot on with his illustrations. He has captured the attitude and the antics of both the cats and the dog. The bold, bright colors will delight children of all ages.

DOG IN CHARGE will appeal to both the dog and cat lovers out there. Readers will be laughing out loud throughout the story and smiling at the end.

Make posters for a cat sitting business.
Compare the illustrations of the cats and dogs to photos of the real animals. Then determine the breed of dog in the book. Read about its characteristics. Was it a good breed to use as the main character of the book?

Use the illustrations from the end papers of the book and have children make a thought bubble for each one of them. What is the dog thinking?

Other picture books about dogs in charge:
Drummond, Ree and Diane deGroat. Charlie the Ranch Dog. ISBN 9780061996559
Numeroff, Laura. IF YOU GIVE A DOG A DONUT. ISBN 9780060266837
Robertus, Polly. The Dog Who had Kittens. ISBN 9780823409747

By Jane Jergensen

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